22 January 2020, Wednesday 13:38:16

SWISS Finishes Refurbishing Its A340 Fleet

Swiss International Airlines has given a new lease of life to its Airbus A340 aircraft. The airline recently completed a cabin refurbishment program on all five of its A340s which includes a new entertainment system and internet access.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) has newly equipped the cabins of its five Airbus A340 aircraft with the First, Business and Economy Class seats which already feature on its Boeing 777s, together with a new inflight entertainment system that includes internet connectivity. Passengers also enjoy a new cabin lighting concept on the refurbished A340 fleet.

SWISS operates its Airbus A340s on services between Zurich and Boston, Johannesburg and Shanghai. The A340 will also be deployed on SWISS’s new Zurich-Osaka (Japan) route, on which service will commence on 1 March.

SWISS Finishes Refurbishing Its A340 Fleet

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