13 January 2020, Monday 13:26:08

FAA Seeks To Fine Boeing $5.4M

FAA, has recently proposed a $5.4 million fine for Boeing.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, has recently proposed a $5.4 million fine for Boeing. According to the FAA, this fine is due to the installation of nonconforming slat tracks on over 175 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Allegedly, Boeing was aware of this.

In the announcement, the FAA laid out the entire story behind this fine. According to the FAA, the slat tracks, in this case, came from Southwest United Industries– a Boeing supplier– in late June 2018. A few days after delivery, Southwest United Industries reported that a batch of slat tracks failed a quality test. This quality test revealed that the slat tracks presented with hydrogen embrittlement.

In September of 2018, Spirit AeroSystems, the recipient of the batch of slat tracks, informed Boeing of the issue with these slat tracks. However, Boeing did not agree to accept the slat tracks. But, between August of 2018 and March of 2019, about 178 Boeing 737 MAX were certified by Boeing as airworthy but may have contained these slat tracks.

Then, the FAA issued an Airworthiness Directive which set forward instructions for aircraft inspections. However, now, the FAA seeks to fine Boeing for these circumstances.

Previous Boeing 737 Slat Track issues

This $5.4M penalty comes after the FAA presented Boeing with a $3.9M fine for installing nonconforming slat tracks on Boeing 737 aircraft. These affected 737NG aircraft whereas the new fine is for 737 MAX aircraft.


FAA Seeks To Fine Boeing $5.4M

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