14 February 2020, Friday 08:59:35

Coronavirus suspect on SpiceJet’s flight

Passenger onboard SpiceJet flight from Bangkok to Delhi suspected of coronavirus, quarantined.

A passenger who was onboard a SpiceJet flight from Bangkok to Delhi is suspected of having caught coronavirus infection. The passenger was quarantined by the Airport Health Organisation after the plane landed at Delhi airport, PTI reported.

"On February 13, 2020, a passenger travelling on SpiceJet flight SG-88 operating between Bangkok and Delhi was suspected of Coronavirus infection," the SpiceJet spokesperson told the agency. "He was seated on seat no. 31F and was the only passenger in that row. The said passenger was quarantined by Airport Health Organisation (APHO) after landing in Delhi," he added.

So far, three persons in Kerala and three in Kolkata have also been tested positive for the deadly coronavirus. A passenger called Himadri Barman tested positive on Tuesday, and Nagendra Singh tested positive on Wednesday, the Director of NSCBI Airport, Kaushik Bhattacharjee told PTI. Bhattacharjee said earlier, a passenger called Anita Oraon had also tested positive during thermal scanning.

Meanwhile, the death toll in China's novel coronavirus outbreak has risen up to 1,113 and the confirmed cases of infection have jumped to 44,653. The coronavirus outbreak originated in central China's Hubei province in December last year. The virus was officially named "COVID-19" by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Following this, several countries banned arrivals from China while major airlines have suspended flights to the country.

Coronavirus suspect on SpiceJet’s flight

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